Welcome to! is under construction - please check back with us later! is a fan-site dedicated to Visual Pinball, a pinball simulator created by Randy Davis and currently being developed by Nanotech Technologies.

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xx What's the story?
February 21, 2009, 01:56:45 PM by m4paws
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If you've stumbled across this site and are wondering whether or not it will ever be opened, the answer is maybe.  I've been taking my time getting it going, hoping to do it right.  I'm really picky about stuff, sometimes prohibitively so, which has certainly slowed the site's development.

There are still some major things that I really want to fix before I even considering opening it.  The number one thing is the download area, which is adequate but I just hate it.  Dow...

xx PinMame and Visual PinMame 2.1 Released
February 01, 2009, 01:46:32 PM by m4paws
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Version 2.1 (February 1, 2009) - "Keep 'em coming!"
OK, so six months have passed yet again - amazing how time flies.
Despite the fact that all major manufaturers are emulated by now, there's
still enough to do to iron out all of the bugs and inaccuracies.

From time to time a few new games show up unexpectedly, like the new batch
coming in from in January: three new...

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Pinball News
Pinball NewsPinball News

We bring you all the latest news from the pinball world, first and free. We have new game reviews, show reports, location reviews, tips to improve your play and the world's biggest and best pinball event diary.

RETROVOLT - Sat, August 5th 2017
The Retrovolt arcade provides a return to the pre-redemption days of wholesome family amusements with its twenty-three pinballs and assorted classic video games, as John Brothers reports.

PINTASTIC 2017 - Fri, August 4th 2017
If nothing else, you've got to admire the name. But fortunately there a lot more to like about this Georgetown pinball arcade/bar, including a fine selection of both games and refreshments.

FLIP FLIP, DING DING - Fri, June 30th 2017
If nothing else, you've got to admire the name. But fortunately there a lot more to like about this Georgetown pinball arcade/bar, including a fine selection of both games and refreshments.

We've covered the Silver Ball Planet before thanks to our roving reporter John, but now Stefan Riedler from RS-Pinball has visited and updates the game selection while providing detailed instructions on how to get there.

MAIN STREET AMUSEMENTS - Fri, June 30th 2017
Another update to an earlier review sees M.G. Brown visiting Main Street Amusements in Lafayette, Indiana where he takes the opportunity to check out some local delicacies.

We're back in Tacoma in Washington for the tenth anniversary Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show, from where we bring you our unrivalled coverage of the show's three days, including videos from the show floor and all the seminars.

STAR WARS - Wed, May 31st 2017
The first pictures of Stern Pinball's new Star Wars game are revealed showing the three variants and the playfield layout, and we've got them right here.

MANUEL'S TAVERN - Mon, May 29th 2017
It's been described as "one of the best bars in the US" so naturally it has pinball machines, but M.G. Brown tells us what else makes Manuel's Tavern such an enjoyable place to visit.

TMAP 2017 - Mon, May 29th 2017
We pay our first visit to the Torneo Madrileño de Pinballs or TMAP tournament in the Spanish capital, with the Millonaria Pinball club on the south side of the city playing host.

DUTCH PINBALL MASTERS 2017 - Thu, May 11th 2017
We're back at the Dutch Pinball Association's clubhouse in Veenendaal. With main, classic and team events taking place alongside a free-play area, there's lots going on and we bring you all the action and results

PINBALLZ LAKE CREEK - Wed, April 26th 2017
Not content with two locations in Austin, Texas, Pinballz opened a third just north of the Capitol and we have been there to see if the new branch lives up to its name.

MEGA PLAY - Tue, April 25th 2017
Take a trip back to a time when family entertainment centres were in nearly every shopping mall, offering crazy golf alongside rows of pinballs and video games. Mega Play still offers all this as M.G. Brown reports.

8BITFLIP 2017 - Fri, April 21st 2017
We're at Arcade Club in Bury for the annual 8BitFlip combination pinball and video game show, featuring modern and classic games, two tournaments and a warm friendly atmosphere.

The world's only combined pinball and vegan food festival returns to Printimus Pinball in the Polish town of Bytom. We are there to eat, play, report and visit a unique pinball-themed hotel.

REPLAY BEER AND BOURBON - Wed, April 5th 2017
M.G. Brown ventures into Chicago's Lake View district and discovers an upmarket games bar with an extensive drinks selection, classic video games and, of course, pinballs.

TEXAS PINBALL FESTIVAL 2017 - Sat, March 25th 2017
Pinball News rocks up to Frisco in Texas for the annual Texas Pinball Festival show. Our ongoing coverage continues over the next few days to ensure you don't miss a thing.

ARCADE EXPO 3.0 - Sat, March 18th 2017
Our pinball travels take us to Banning in California and the Museum of Pinball for the third Arcade Expo show. A massive selection of games and numerous diversions ensure everyone is kept busy across all three days.

MAGIC GIRL - FIRST LOOK REVIEW - Wed, March 8th 2017
Seemingly against all odds, Magic Girl machines have been manufactured and delivered to a number of customers. We get our hands on one and, ahead of our full In-Depth Review, bring you this first look.

DIALED IN! EUROPEAN LAUNCH - Wed, March 8th 2017
The European launch of Jersey Jack Pinball's Dialed In! game takes place at Freddy's Pinball Paradise in Germany. Bruce Ng was there to bring us details of this special night and reveal where the Dialed In! roadshow is heading next.

PINBALL POPULARITY - Wed, March 8th 2017
Some machines are solid gold and retain their popularity despite the plethora of new pinballs being produced. Gene Goodman of M and P Amusement looks at the enduring appeal of the all-time classics.

It's time for another In-Depth Review and this time we dive deep into Quetzal Pinball's Captain Nemo Dives Again. There will only be thirty of these made, so here's your chance to find out all about this exclusive game.

Pinball, the Imagists artists collective, and their respective roots in Chicago form the subject of a new exhibition at the city's Elmhurst Art Museum. M.G. Brown is at the opening night launch party to bring us a first look at the exhibits.

The finals of the IFPA European Championship Series for 2016 are held at Pinball Universe in Bunde, Germany. We show you around their amazing facility and bring you all the action from the three tournaments.

SPECIAL BREW - Mon, February 6th 2017
Pinball and beer go together like two brothers, and now the Two Brothers brewery has recognised this with a special pinball-themed beer, as Dan Marquardt reports.

The first pinball from The Pinball Company is announced. Built by Spooky Pinball, the game features a simplified easy-to-understand playfield designed to appeal to the home gameroom buyer.

KAUA'I ISLAND BREWING COMPANY - Thu, February 2nd 2017
An exciting mix of craft beers and a diverse food menu is supplemented by six quality pinballs in Mick Brown's first report from the US state of Hawaii

JAPAN GAME MUSEUM UPDATE - Thu, February 2nd 2017
There have been big changes at the Japan Game Museum and our Roving Reporter John has been there to find out the latest news.

EAG INTERNATIONAL 2017 - Thu, January 19th 2017
It's the first amusement trade show of the year and we are there to report on all the latest products, including Aerosmith, Batman 66 and Alien pinballs, along with high-res pictures and three videos of the games.

PIN-'DUINO - Sat, January 14th 2017
Using a micro-controller to spruce-up your pinball mods isn't as difficult as it might first appear. Todd Andersen uses an Arduino to enhance his pinball add-on switch, opening the door to a world of modding possibilities.

Stern officially announce that their next pinball will be based on the rock band Aerosmith. We have high-resolution pictures and details of the three models along with prices and much more.

KALAMAZOO ROUND-UP - Mon, January 2nd 2017
Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver... pinball has a number of hotspots featuring high concentrations of public locations. M.G. Brown asks if Kalamazoo should be added to that list.

SHOOT THE MOON: PACIFIC PINBALL EXPO 2016 - Mon, January 2nd 2017
It's been four years since the last Pacific Pinball Exposition and a lot has changed in the interim, but the PPE returns at the Pacific Pinball Museum's new annex building, as pinball historian and author Gordon Hasse reports.

ROMANIAN PINBALL OPEN 2016 - Mon, January 2nd 2017
We're paying our first visit to the home of Dracula and the Beraria H concert venue for the annual Romanian Pinball Open. Three tournaments over three days, live music, strong beer and great friends make it a fun weekend in Bucharest.

ARCADIA: HUNGARIAN PINBALL OPEN 2016 - Mon, January 2nd 2017
We return to Budapest for an expanded Hungarian Pinball Open which adds video games and retro computing to the country's national pinball tournaments to create the all-new Arcadia show.

TIVOLI BOWL - Mon, January 2nd 2017
The Tivoli Bowl in Downers Grove, Illinois is not only a great place to knock down pins, it's also not a bad place to play them, as M.G. Brown reports.

TORNEO DE PINBALL DE BIAR 2016 - Thu, November 24th 2016
Modern and classic pinballs in equal measure at the Biar Pinball Tournament, with some rarely-seen Spanish machines and plenty of local cuisine to enjoy too.

Not content with a world-class location on the New Jersey boardwalk, the Silverball Museum opens a second branch on Florida's Atlantic coast. We head for the Sunshine State to check it out.

AUSTRIAN PINBALL OPEN 2016 - Tue, November 8th 2016
With more than one hundred players the annual Austrian Pinball Open returns to the Hall of Pinball-Fame in Badendorf near Graz. Robert Glashüttner is there to bring us all the action.

Whether it's a playfield, the cabinet, or the backbox, every pinball machine starts with a sheet of plywood, so we take you behind-the-scenes at the Churchill Cabinet Company to see how all these are made.

IT HAS TO WARM UP FIRST - Fri, November 4th 2016
What's making Wednesday Addams so hot under the collar? Find out, as Gary 'Mooseman' Littler tells us the story of the Addams Family Challenge shocker chair.

CHICAGO AREA PINBALL LEAGUE - Fri, November 4th 2016
Pinball leagues are a vital part of keeping location pinball alive and profitable, so M.G. Brown tells us how a group of casual pinball players took their meetings to the next level.

SILVER BALL PLANET UPDATE - Fri, November 4th 2016
Our roving reporter, John, had been back to Japan, and in this first report he updates us on the amazing Silver Ball Planet Arcade with more than one hundred pinballs to play.

KORONA WORLD - Fri, November 4th 2016
John's next report is on a collaboration with the Japan Game Museum which results in Korona World - a classic gaming arcade with six pinballs mixed with cocktail and upright video games.

UUENNICHI AT APITA IWAKURA - Fri, November 4th 2016
For his third report John travels to Nagoya city and the Apita-Iwakura shopping mall where the Uuennichi game centre features four pinballs alongside numerous video games.

PINBALL EXPO 2016 - Wed, October 12th 2016
We are back in Wheeling for the 32nd annual Pinball Expo and we have our usual massive coverage of the show with more than 300 pictures, half-an-hour of video, 27 seminar recordings and much, much more to make sure you don't miss a thing.

CHICAGO SITES UPDATE 2016 - Wed, October 12th 2016
Coming to Chicago for Pinball Expo? There are loads of great places to play pinball all around the city, and Dan Marquardt presents his annual round-up of the best of them.

PLAY EXPO 2016 - Mon, October 10th 2016
We are in Manchester, UK for the set-up, opening and first day of the Play Expo gaming show featuring the Northern Lights Pinball team's collection of games.

BELGIAN OPEN PINBALL 2016 - Fri, October 7th 2016
The annual Belgian Open Pinball tournament has moved to a new home but the popular mix of quality games and top-notch competition remains, drawing more than two-hundred-and-twenty players to the city of Sint-Niklaas.

RETRO IS COOL! - Fri, October 7th 2016
It's deja vu all over again as players and collectors turn to games they fondly remember from their youth, as Gene Goodman explains.


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