The tables on this page were re-created , by myself and some in collaboration, using Visual Pinball created by Randy Davies


                                                                    Click on Table Pic to Download Table.





                                               GODZILLA  V2.1                                                                                  BRAM STOKERS DRACULA V1.1





                       CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON  V1.1                                              TALES FROM THE CRYPT (NORM)  V1.0





                                         SURF AND SAFARI  V1.0                                                                     TALES FROM THE CRYPT (WIDE)  V1.1





                                          MONTY CARLO  V1.0                                                                                               BMX  V1.0





                                                CATACOMB  V1.1                                                                                     ANDROMEDA   V1.2





                                                                                                             CHEETAH  V2.0





                                                 TAG TEAM  V2.0                                                                                                VEGAS  V1.0





                                                      SEA RAY                                                                                          PINBALL WIZARD (AMIGA)





                                                                                                               FIREBIRDS  V1.2







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