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Started by m4paws, February 21, 2009, 06:56:45 PM

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If you've stumbled across this site and are wondering whether or not it will ever be opened, the answer is maybe.  I've been taking my time getting it going, hoping to do it right.  I'm really picky about stuff, sometimes prohibitively so, which has certainly slowed the site's development.

There are still some major things that I really want to fix before I even considering opening it.  The number one thing is the download area, which is adequate but I just hate it.  Downloads need to have images for this type of site, and this download manager doesn't support them.  Download managers for SMF are few and far between, so I either have to live with it, mod it or consider writing my own.  None of those things will happen quickly.

Beyond that I keep wondering what things make a site cool, fun, worth revisiting.  Annoying little things like fixing SMF's awful default smileys.  Adding mods like "thanks" and media embedding, maybe shops and the like.  Not important stuff, just stuff that makes it a bit more enjoyable.

If you have some comments and/or ideas for the site, feel free to drop me an email [webmaster at thesilverball dot com].  Just do me a favor, please don't post links to the site on other sites.  I never want this site to be promoted via other people's sites unless the site owner himself chooses to do so.